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Maybe you feel that the time to separate from your baby for so many hours per day has not come yet, perhaps you have found someone who can take care of your infant at home for a few moments or you simply do not need it because your family can manage without additional childcare.

However, ay be you would still like to get to know the Cucú´s  project, may be you don't want to be alone and you are looking for a group where you can share this wonderful and intense experience of raising a baby.

Petit Cucú is designed as a family play and parenting space

wednesdays 5:00 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

from 6 months old.

in these meetings, independent initiatives are supported in an environment specially prepared for this stage, with pedagogically selected materials that respond and nourish the baby's innate need to play: to explore, to move autonomously and to manipulate.

A time where you can stop to observe with your full presence how your little one begins to manifest as an individual being, interacting with objects and with others in a warm environment that is different from home.

Meetings to take care of yourself, learning with other mothers/ fathers and sharing experiences, concerns, reflections on parenting according to the pillars that ground our pedagogical vision.


We are aware that a child´s separation from their mother and father, creating bonds in a new environment and especially with new adult figures who will take care of them, can be a great challenge for such a small child; this process involves the entire family and particularly the mothers, who need time to assimilate the process in a conscious and loving way.

Petit Cucú is designed as a possibility to get to know each other little by little, building a bond before a possible participation in the morning group, to generate a feeling of trust between the child and the educators, and the parents and the educators.

When the time has come to be able to stay alone in Cucú in the mornings, we will all be more prepared to go through the adaptation process carefully and progressively.

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