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Because a child being away from his/her parents can be a great challenge for such a young person, we believe in creating a safe and nurturing environment and, above all, a strong bond with the caregivers that will be providing care.

We also believe in consistent and ongoing communication between the caregivers and families, addressing the child's individual and specific needs.


creating a relationship with the family based on trust and support. 

We organize quarterly meetings here in Cucú, as well as home visits (at your place!) if preferred, enriching the feeling of being part of a single family.

By documenting what we consider important and significant in the daily life at Cucú, and with the intention of communicating it and recognizing it’s value and meaning, we are able to help families feel a part of the daily experiences of their children in Cucú.

It is not only about capturing children while they are concentrating on a task, but also about documenting aspects of everyday life as a memory of our educational work.


PETIT CUCÚ on Wednesday afternoons, is designed to welcome the family.
It is a time (17.00 - 18.30) for your baby to start discovering the world with his/her own choreography, moving freely in a specially prepared space in which we illustrate the benefits of the Piklerian approach.

We do this by providing the structure for the natural evolution of intermediate postures; crawling, sitting, getting up on a support... combined with the ability to grab quality objects and manipulate them. Toddlers can play accompanied by their parents who also learn how observe and accompany exploration without interference. 

Petit Cucu is a kind of “pre-adaptation” to Cucú.
Once a child feels prepared to be able to attend Cucu’s full time schedule, we set up an integration process with the family of at least three weeks.

In the first week, we work on the connection your child will create with the new environment (including with us, caregivers) without forcing it, in a reduced schedule (9.30 - 11.30).

During the second week, we begin with short moments of “separation - reunion” with your child; a time that can be gradually extended to let him assimilate in his/her own rhythm.

In the third week, we generally build up until we finally reach the full schedule.

In Cucú we speak Spanish, although we incorporate musical elements in Catalan and we think it is important to be able to speak in the child's mother tongue (Catalan, English, Italian) especially in the individualized cares.

Families abroad are welcome!

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