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Our Daily Life


We open our doors at 8:50 am.

The schedule of entry is agreed with the families according to the working needs of each one, suggesting different times of entry until 9:30, to welcome the children two by two and to be able to welcome them better.

8.50/ 10.00 Play

10.00: Breakfast for the whole group 

10.30/12.00: Cucu breaks up into two small groups of 4 children per educator (by ages: 1 & 2 years olds); each group can play in different spaces; in the courtyard or the indoor space- in order to meet the needs and specific skills (motor skills, theater, plastic/graphic expression, cooking, experimental scenarios, finger songs, skirt touch)

Around 12.00 we have lunch, starting with the little ones. 

12.30/13.00 nap time

As the children wake up, they can go into the living room to play, while an educator stays in the nap time zone until 15.00.

We prepare for the arrival of families: farewell rituals with the piano, songs & musical tales. As we plan morning entering times with each family, we also organize pick ups, so we are better able to communicate with the families about how the child’s day has been (beyond the basic information of how he has eaten, slept and if he has pooped).

Families who need to pick up their  kids later, we offer a second pick up at 17.00.

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