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A home environment which offers unique care in the first years of life supporting children in cultivating their inherent and innate abilities


Cucú is a family environment who’s belief in a calm, kindness and secure foundation offers a quality daily care that embraces and follows the child’s first years of life, so important for the health and personality of the human being.

It is a home that invites each child to be, feel, play in the beauty of simplicity.

It is a space designed with care and aesthetic sensibility to encourage wonder and possibilities to young children. We offer quality materials in order to improve gross motor skills, manipulation, sensory experimentation and heuristic play. 

In Cucú, we want to cultivate with an open mind the “alternative” educational experience based on respectful caregiving, where the autonomous activity of the child is favoured with indirect intervention by the adults. 

A small group of 10 children starting from age 8 months, with a very small ratio (maximum 5 children for each of the caregivers), allows us to constantly maintain a sensitive attunement towards each toddler and child, aware that only when they acquire emotional security, they can devote themselves enthusiastically to the task of exploring.

We want to build a bridge between each home and the Cucú space with an open dialogue enabling us to share each child’s individual growth process, and generating a feeling of being part of a single family.

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