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A home where they can cultivate their skills.

Cucú is a pedagogical project of careful accompaniment in early childhood, offering support and guidance to families who need new tools to support their child's growth in a lighter, simpler and more meaningful way.

With a gentle and progressive transition, it is a space with "care and play" where we look after their vital needs, according to the most authentic meaning of the term Custos: the one who watches over, protects, cares for, sustains.

A family environment where calm, beauty and security are breathed through quality daily care and a daily rhythm that accompanies their first years, which is so important for the health and character of the person.

Sensitive to aesthetics and functionality, we design living spaces that can generate actions and possibilities for learning and play according to the needs of this stage.

At Cucú we want to cultivate an open mind perspetive. The pedagogics trends based on dialogue with the child, where the child's autonomous activity is encouraged with indirect intervention by the adult (PIkler, Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia).

It is not about following one method instead of another, like a recipe.

We work to keep the project alive with observation, reflection and readjustments that are necessary to keep improving, because we are aware that its protagonists are the families and that each one brings the project its own insight.

We want to build a true dialog between home and Cucú with an exchange of information and emotions to share the processes of growth and to generate the feeling of being part of a community.

A small group of infants, with a maximum of 6 per educator, allows us to constantly maintain our sensitive attention to the little ones, both in the moments of independent play and in those of care, offering emotional support in accordance with the own needs at this age.

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