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Silvia Favaro

Cucú is a personal project run by Silvia Favaro.

Italian by origin and holding a degree in Pedagogy (Educational Sciences) from Padua, my training was followed with a Master's degree in non-verbal languages, psychomotor skills, music therapy & performance.

After settling in Barcelona in 2008, I received my degree in Social Education after realizing that my true vocation was to accompany the first years of a child's life. 
From then on, my passion has been participating in and receiving quality training to deepen the approaches in which my program is based: Pikler, Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori, and finally with a Master's degree in Waldorf Pedagogy in 2018/9.

I combine my dedication to pedagogy, my varied, extensive training and my artistic interests to create the unique space which is Cucú.

An entrepreneur since 2013, I was the founder of the project “la casetta a casa teva"; a home education program for young children. From this experience, Cucú’s educational project was born in 2016, finding its own space for realization. 

Currently Miriam Eguizabal has joined the project as a second educator.
Miriam has been part of MIMA'M respectful parenting center, for 7 years, accompanying children and families in the Petit MIMA'M preschool project. During this time, she has trained as a doula, in infant massage and in education ´VIVA´.

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