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Silvia Favaro


Cucú is a personal project run by Silvia Favaro. 
Italian by origin and holding a degree in Pedagogy (Educational Sciences) from Padua, my training was followed with a Master's degree in non-verbal languages, psychomotor skills, music therapy & performance. 
After settling in Barcelona in 2008, I received my degree in Social Education after realizing that my true vocation was to accompany the first years of a child's life. 
From then on, my passion has been participating in and receiving quality training to deepen the approaches in which my program is based; Pikler, Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori, and finally with a Master's degree in Waldorf Pedagogy in 2018/9.

I combine my dedication to pedagogy, my varied, extensive training and my artistic interests to create the unique space which is Cucu.

Some of my interests that inspire my day to day work with children include music, painting, ballet and contemporary dance.
I consider myself to be a reflective person who is constantly reviewing what I believe can be improved. 

An entrepreneur since 2013, I was the founder of the project “la casetta a casa teva"; a home education program for young children. From this experience, Cucú’s educational project was born in 2016, finding it’s own space for realization. 

Lidia Cabas is the other caregiver who is at my side during this 2019/20 academic year. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and a postgraduate degree in Psychomotor skills. She has continued her training with an introductory course in Waldorf Education, among others.
Having lived the experience as a teacher in Ireland, she continues with great interest in outdoor living education and the benefits that it gives us as a free and meaningful learning environment. Finally, after a first trimester of internship in Cucú, has been officially incorporated as the second educator.

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