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Spaces and materials

Necessity creates form


Our space reflects who we are, speaks of our educational vision and identifies us as a pedagogical project.

Creating a warm and friendly environment is our purpose.

We understand our enviroment as a fluid and versatile living space - because the one who inhabits it is the child with their needs for movement and their right to transform the space.We think of materials that allow a child to make sensory-motor experiences with which a child can connect with themselves and with others; that invite a child to carry out play projects with their whole body or with their fingertips.

We like our objects to be open and unstructured as loose pieces, because they enhance creative action and can speak with each other in multiple compositions and connections.We prepare play scenarios with care and aesthetic sensitivity, seeking order, balance and harmony according to the philosophy of less is more.

We care about teaching what is good, beautiful and true.

In Cucú we have a quiet patio-garden to be in contact with nature and to play outdoors during any season of the year.

Explorations that awaken the senses through materials defined as "poor", humble but as exquisite and intriguing as sand, stones, shells, branches, water, dried flowers, earth...

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