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Homemade Food


At Cucú it all starts in the kitchen, because we believe that good eating is good life!

We feel strongly believe in providing nourishing whole (mostly organic) foods - a hearty selection of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and clean, lean protein is the first crucial step in healthy living. 
Cooking with love is much more than having children well fed - it is an investment in their bodies and futures.

“I prepare healthy and tasty recipes from traditional cooking in a cast-iron pot on low heat, which preserves and retains the properties and nutrients in each food“. (Silvia Favaro)

We believe that eating in a relaxed and stress-free environment is also fundamental to good health. 
Children enjoy their meals in a relaxed and beautifully prepared environment which is intentionally separated from the play area, in which they can comfortably sit on stools (2 years old), the 3 posture chairs (1 year old), or on the lap of the educator.

Eating autonomously is part of the learning process in Cucú, and it is a very gradual process: eating without the help of the educator, self-regulating, manipulating the cutlery and coordinating the movements to feed oneself and drink from a glass cup. Lastly, we believe that the experience of sitting down and sharing a meal is significant as well as nourishing. 

Depending on the development stage of each child, we offer a balance of BLW (Baby Led Weaning) with the Loczy- Pikler experience. That means he /she can eat with his/her own hands solid food and recive it with the spoon, making turns for lunch in order to accompany this daily care in the most individualized way is possible.



Seasonal fruit, peeled and cut at the moment (at the table, with the children).

Bread with whole grains prepared with the children “a la catalana” - with the tomato spread and high quality olive oil.

On Fridays, after fruit we have a special bread (El Challah) to enjoy with homemade fruit jam and oat milk. 



> Monday: whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce, fresh basil and grana padano.

> Tuesday: plant protein - legumes / “orange” vegetables (carrot, squash, sweet potato...) with brown rice.

> Wednesday: veal ragú (typical Italian recipe) with millet.

> Thursday: Organic chicken strips / “green” vegetables (spinach, broccoli, chard) with bulgur.

> Friday: boiled or scrambled eggs with potatoes and steamed vegetables.

* Cooked in a light stir-fry of leeks in extra virgin olive oil, flax oil or in coconut butter;

* For the grains we use a little pink Himalayan salt.

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